Before moving to East Lyme, I was a member of my town’s Mom’s Club. I had met a lot of moms that became my friends and it gave me the opportunity to socialize my baby. I was so glad that when we settled on East Lyme that they had a Mom’s Club too. Since joining the East Lyme Mom’s Club I have made new friends in town and have learned more about the new town we live in, from a parent’s prospective. We attend play groups weekly and there are many special activities for the kiddos like an Easter egg hunt and Trunk or Treating.  It is a very supportive group of moms who are willing to share their experiences when you are going through something with your child(ren). After my second son was born a meal train was set up and we received many meals to help us as we adjusted to being a family of four. It is great because you choose how involved you want to be. – Jess S.

I joined the club, to get connected with other parents in the area as I was a new resident and parent to the area. Although I have participated far less than most of the members(that needs to change soon), I have found I felt included and supported always. The members are long term participants and dedicated which is a good indicator the value the club is to its members. – Amy C.

I moved to East Lyme with my husband and son from the UK in January 2014 and didn’t know anyone in the U.S. at all. There were a few British people I met through my husband’s work, but no one had small children like me so I was pretty much alone with a 15 month old boy, trying to entertain him through a tough winter! I saw the email address of the club in the Parks and Rec magazine and got in contact. It was the best thing I ever did! It has made my time here easier, knowing I have a network of moms I can ask for advice and also knowing that if I need something to entertain the kids, there’s usually a playgroup I can attend!
I’m going to be taking many fun memories of activities we’ve done with the club back to the UK when I have to go. My son has made some really special friends that he is now in preschool with, it’s been great to see them growing up together. I’ve made some amazing friends too, that I couldn’t do without! We’ve had fun times with the kids, but also on our moms nights out (which is also my favorite part of being in the moms club!) I certainly will miss East Lyme moms club when I move back to the UK, but hopefully my son and I have made some friends for life ❤️ -Jill C.